“Spring of Gio” (Samsung GT S-5660 Pictures)

When I went back home a few days ago, there was something buzzing me up just in front of my house. Felt like it was spring as the flowers colored up my garden. Perhaps due to some rainy weeks before. Red, yellow, fresh, and uuh… kinda speechless to see it. Suddenly, I was reminded that I had a newly bought Samsung smartphone with an amazing camera feature. So, check out what it could capture below:

Samsung Galaxy Gio (GT-S5660) Pictures equipped with Macro Feature

Surprising… That’s what I gotta say about what this camera can do in capturing without any computer editing.

Red, Yellow, and Freshing...


Don't hide, yellow. COme on, come up...


Where's the red?


Yellow on red


Look out... There's an insect just above the flower, perfect with its shadow on the petal of the flower


Where's the insect??? :(


Pale, but still, cool...


Wow... that's what Zain Bikha sings "Flowers are red..." :)


A talk about colors and flowers

I like colors, graphic designing, drawing (while in elementary school), and flowers as well (of course I also love rainbow). About flowers, I don’t really understand why. Does it sound unusual a guy who likes flowers? I just feel something in harmony while colors come up and appear in such a perfect combination, and perhaps this feeling is what I bring in graphic designing. About flowers, again, I used to water it every morning before going to school, a couple few years ago. See? I really have some big deals with flowers :D

Picture Details

Camera: Samsung GT S-5660
Location: Home Village in Payakumbuh, West Sumatera Province
Flash: n/a
Focus Mode: Macro
Date taken: 8 October 2011

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