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Story of Evelyn

Her name is Evelyn (7 weeks old by now), we call her Velyn, for short (even some suggested to call her Eve [if], Eva [ifa], Eline [elin], we just wanted to have something unique). Here’s the story about her, and perhaps also about her mother.

2013/10/21: I met her mother (to be precise, her prospective mother) somewhere in Bukittinggi, and discussed a big thing, a serious one. A few weeks later, I brought my family to meet her mother’s family, making it got more serious. Everything became very much serious then after they visited us back.

2013/12/14: I, as a webmaster, created a website, promoting our serious planning. It’s a lot more serious right?

2013/12/27: We’re getting married, me and her mother. Everything’s running okay. Anyway, I have no idea where Evelyn was.

2014/04: Seemed like Evelyn had been existed. I checked it, and saw a double red stripes. Glad? of course, and grateful. She was confirmed a week later when I brought her mother to visit an OB. Anyway, We then regularly visited this OB, as suggested.

2014/06: It’s Ramadan, the fasting month… But I believe that Evelyn didn’t do fasting eventhough her mother did, one full month.

2014/09/07: I brought her mother to visit another OB in Padang. The OB, with her 3D USG (something that our OB in Bukittinggi didn’t have), told us that it could be a baby girl. Yay… a baby girl

2014/11/28: It was Friday when I got to deal with Olimpiade Farmasi Indonesia in Padang while her mother texted me from Bukittinggi that the contractions just started to be regular. Then finally the water broke at 6 PM, made the mother charged to the hospital soon. Less than 4 hours later, I arrived at the hospital, worried.

2014/11/29: The contractions were getting more intense, until then the baby was coming at 4.35 PM. It’s a very cute real living baby just in front of my eyes… Gosh… I could see the umbilical cord, very clear, and wonderful. She was 3.0 kg in weight and 50 cm in length.

Today, the day this post is written, Evelyn has already had a full name, a birth certificate, and a happy father and mother

Evelyn Waheeda Rahmani

Evelyn Waheeda Rahmani